General information

Programme Implementation Structures

Managing Authority – the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds is responsible for managing and implementing the Programme in accordance with the principle of sound financial management.
National Authority – the Serbian Ministry of European Integration is the counterpart of the Managing Authority being responsible for programming, planning and implementing the Programme in Republic of Serbia, ensuring national co-financing at programme level, first level control for the expenditures made in Republic of Serbia.
Audit Authority – within the Court of Accounts of Romania. The main responsibilities of the AA consist in ensuring that audits are carried out to verify the effective functioning of the management and control system and ensuring that audits are carried out on operations on the basis of an appropriate sample to verify expenditure declared. The Audit Authority for the programme shall be assisted by a group of auditors which will assist the Audit Authority in carrying out its duties.
Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC), is formed by representatives from both participating states in the Programme (representatives from the national, regional and local level and other economic, social and environmental partners), and ensures the effectiveness and quality of the implementation of the Programme, having specific tasks related to the monitoring of the Programme. The JMC plays also a very important role in the selection of the operations, due to the fact that it approves/revises the criteria for selecting the operations financed by the Programme and is responsible for selecting the operations.

Joint Secretariat (JS) is based in Timisoara within the Regional Office for Cross-Border Cooperation Timisoara. The JS is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the Programme according to the provisions of the implementing agreement concluded between the Managing Authority and Regional Office for Cross-Border Cooperation Timisoara and according to the provisions of national and EU legislation. The JS is responsible for fulfilling all the tasks delegated by the MA for the implementation of the Programme with regard to the JMC secretariat, project generation, evaluation and selection of the projects, technical, economic and financial monitoring and control of the projects, information and publicity.