Priority axes and measures

1. Economic and Social Development

  • Support for local/regional economic and social infrastructure
  • Develop the tourism sector, including the strengthening of the regional identity of the border region as a tourist destination
  • Promote SME development
  • Support increased levels of R&D and innovation in the border region

2. Environment and Emergency Preparedness

  • Improve systems and approaches to address cross-border environmental challenges, protection and management
  • Develop and implement effective strategies for waste and waste water management
  • More effective systems and approaches to emergency preparedness

3. Promoting people to people exchanges

  • Support the development of civil society and local communities
  • Improve local governance in relation to the provision of local services to communities in the border areas
  • Increase educational, social, cultural and sporting exchanges

4. Technical Assistance

  • Support for the implementation, overall management and evaluation of the Programme
  • Support for the publicity and information activities of the Programme