Interreg-IPA Romania-Serbia Programme focuses on youth with the help of projects developed in cross-border region

Arthur–Cristian Rusznák is a young artist, born in Central Romania, where multiple ethnicities live together harmoniously. Moved to Timisoara, after completed his studies in the field of Arts, as a young, unemployed artist with a lot of talent and many questions about how he can make a difference in the world, he became part of a Romanian-Serbian project, transferring his cultural knowledge to children and other youth from the cross-border area.

Into an article published here  within the #InteregAndMe campaign by Interreg Europe, Arthur describes himself as an artist that turned his life into a work of art. The change was influenced by education and by his experience in working with children.

”Inclusive Art – Access to culture for disadvantaged children and youth” (RORS-22) project addressed to creative, graduated but unemployed young people, especially young artists, using their knowledge and involvement to work with disadvantaged youth and children from marginalized urban and rural areas, Roma children youth, children with parents working abroad as well as migrant children, youth and adults.

The project was delivered in partnership between Timișoara Intercultural Institute (Romania), Nevo Parudimos Association (Romania), Zrenjanin City Hall (Serbia) and the Center for Fine and Applied Arts Terra (Serbia). The project was financed by the Interreg IPA Romania-Serbia Programme.


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