We are celebrating cross-border cooperation in the Romania-Serbia border area

European Cooperation Day is an event organized on the EU’s internal and external borders. Along with the Interreg, Interreg-IPA and Interreg-Next family of programmes, the Interreg-IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Romania-Serbia Programme annually celebrates European territorial cooperation in September, around the 21st.

Through the “European Cooperation Day” campaign, we would like to remind citizens that many good things happen when we join forces.

This year we are organizing the 10th edition of the European Cooperation Day in Șișești, Mehedinți county, due to the valuable cross-border experience. Thus, the event on September 21st will celebrate the projects carried out by the local community together with the partners from Serbia and it will highlight the culture, the traditions, nature and locals.

We will discuss on the cultural and natural heritage as a factor of local development together with cultural experts, representatives of the public administration from Mehedinți County, representatives of the central administration within the Managing Authority of the Programme, Romanian and Serbian guests.

Through three workshops, together we will discover pottery, we will walk on the paths of Șișești and we will cross the village by bike. Afterwards, the routes will lead us to the “Gheorghe Ionescu-Șișești” Museum.

We will discover the pottery of Șișești, which is integrated in the large family of unglazed ceramics from southwestern Romania, made in pottery centres in Oltenia and Banat, characterized by amphoroidal shapes and red chromatics, being included in the area of tradition of Roman Dacia through its sobriety and refinement of the shape. More than a century ago, in this area of Mehedinți, 96 craftsmen practiced pottery in Șișeștiul de Jos, Noapteșa and Căniceni, the craft being passed on within each family.

Also, guests from Kikinda will be with us to share their experience in the field of capitalizing on cultural heritage. Kikinda is the administrative centre of the Serbian district of North Banat, the city being recognized for the International Terracotta Sculpture Symposium – TERRA, but also for one of the most important companies producing bricks and various types of industrial, fine and decorative ceramics.

More information on Romanian-Serbian cross-border cooperation can be found by accessing the website www.romania-serbia.net, and information on European Cooperation Day and events organized in the European Union and neighbouring countries are available on the website: www.ecday.eu. In social media we are present with images and details about cross-border cooperation with hashtags like #RomaniaSerbia, #InterregIPA, #ECDay2021, #EuropeanCooperationDay or on Facebook by accessing: https://www.facebook.com/ipacbcrose and https://www.facebook.com/BRCT.Timisoara

The event is organized in partnership by the Joint Secretariat of the Regional Office for Cross-Border Cooperation Timisoara, together with the Managing Authority of the Interreg-IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Romania-Serbia Programme, the National Authority from Serbia, with the support of Mehedinti County Council and Sisesti City Hall.


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