The fifth meeting of the Joint Working Group for the programming of the future Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Romania-Serbia Programme 2021-2027

Today, January 26, the fifth meeting of the Joint Working Group on Programming took place online, in order to prepare the future Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme on the Romania-Serbia border, for the 2021-2027 programming period.

During the meeting, the participants discussed issues related to the requirements of Policy Objective 5 “A Europe closer to its citizens” and the ways in which culture and tourism actions can benefit from funding under specific objective 4.5 of Policy Objective 4 “A more social Europe”.

Concurrently, they agreed to elaborate a third draft of the Programme, which would include specific objective 4.5 “Increasing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion and social innovation”, as well as a timetable for the elaboration of the final version of the programme, which will also include the recommendations of the strategic environmental assessment.

In the period 2021-2027, Romania will benefit from non-reimbursable Community financial assistance for the development of European territorial cooperation programmes and projects, aiming at the balanced development of the entire Community territory, by encouraging cooperation and exchange of good practices between European Union regions, as well as for cooperation with third countries.

In order to ensure a transparent framework for institutional collaboration, the Ministry of Development, Public Works, and Administration (MDPWA) organized consultations with key actors, during working meetings organized in the Programme area. Also, all documents of public interest regarding the future Programme have been published on the website, the interested institutions being further invited to formulate proposals or comments.


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