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Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry KikindaChamber of CommerceRepublic of SerbiaNorth Banattel: 0381023021080; fax: 03810230401230; email:; website:;
Zrenjanin City Public Library Zarko ZrenjaninCultural institutionRepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123566210; fax: 038123530744; email:;
City of Moldova NouaPublic authorityRomaniaCaras Severintel: 0255540997; 0255542134; fax: 0255540759; email:; website:
Cornereva Hall Public authorityRomaniaCaras Severintel: 0788846375; fax: 0751710055; email:; website:
Local Council GradinariPublic authorityRomaniaCaras Severintel: 0255575722; fax: 0255575722;; website:;
Municipality of CaransebesPublic authorityRomaniaCaras Severintel: 0255514885; fax: 0255515139; email:; website:
Municipality of LugojPublic authorityRomaniaCaras Severintel: 0256352240; fax: 0256350393; email:; website:
Municipality of ResitaPublic authorityRomaniaCaras Severintel: 0255215314; fax: 0255215314; email:; website:
The Administration of Domogled Cerna Valley National ParkPublic authorityRomaniaCaras Severintel: 0255560582; fax: 0255560582; email:; website:;
Baile Herculane Local CouncilPublic authorityRomaniaCaras-Severintel: 0255560775; fax: 0255560321; email:; website:
Local Council PojejenaPublic authorityRomaniaCaras-Severintel: 0255544344; fax: 0255544344; email:; website:
Ministry of Interior of the Republic of SerbiaPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaCentral Administrationtel: 0381113617294; fax: 0381113617294; email:; website:;
Banat Museum TimisoaraCultural institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256491339; fax: 025601321; email:; website:
Municipality of ZrenjaninPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 0381233150094; fax: 0381233150099; email:; website:;
Municipality of Nova CrnjaPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123815700; fax: 038123815722; email:; website:;
Municipality of SecanjPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123841111; fax: 038123842031; email:; website:;
Municipality of ZitistePublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123821050; fax: 038123821308; email:; website:;
Drobeta Turnu Severin City HallPublic authorityRomaniaMehedintitel: 0252314379; fax: 0252316317; email:; website;;
Godeanu Local CouncilPublic authorityRomaniaMehedintitel: 0252388540; fax: 0252388540; email:; website:;
Mehedinti County CouncilPublic authorityRomaniaMehedintitel: 0372521112; fax: 0372521112; email:; website:;
Sisesti Local CouncilPublic authorityRomaniaMehedintitel: 0751512633; fax: 0252384144; email:;
The Drobeta Inspectorate for Emergency Situations within the Mehedinti CountyPublic authorityRomaniaMehedintitel: 0252311212; fax: 0252311213; email:; website:;
Municipality of AdaPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaNorth Banattel: 024851138; fax 024851138, email:; website:
Banat Village MuseumCultural institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256225588; fax: 0256225588; website;
Municipality of KanjizaPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaNorth Banattel: 038124875166; fax: 038124873016; email:; website:;
Municipality of KikindaPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaNorth Banattel: 381230410105; fax: 381230410158; email:; website:
Municipality of Novi KnezevacPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaNorth Banattel: 03812382055 fax: 03812382076; email: sonk@eunet.yu; website:;
Municipality of Novi KnezevacPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaNorth Banattel: 038123082055; fax: 038123082076; email:; website:;
Alibunar MunicipalityPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113642105; fax: 038113642146; email:; website:;
Forest Estate "Banat" PancevoPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113432899; fax: 038113353585; email:; website:;
Municipality Bela CrkvaPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 0381013853346; fax: 0381013851346; email:; website:;
Municipality of AlibunarPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113642105; fax: 038113641146; email:; website:;
Municipality of GolubacPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038112678128; fax: 038112678103; email:; website:;
Municipality of OpovoPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113681030; fax: 038113681202; website:;
Caransebes County Musseum of Ethnography and Border RegimentCultural institutionRomaniaCaras Severintel: 0255512193, fax: 0255514173, email:
Municipality of PlandistePublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113861033; fax: 038113861134; email:; website:;
Municipality of Velijo GradistePublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038112622120; fax: 038112661128; email:; website:;
Municipality of VrsacPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 0381013800501; fax: 0381013821851; email:; website:
Municipality of PancevoPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113344455; fax: 038113344455; email:; website:;
Public Enterprise VarosPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113821614; fax: 038113821614; email:;
Public Utility Company - HigijenaPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113327000; fax: 038113327001; email:; website:;
Banat River Basin AdministrationPublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0256491798; fax: 0256220078; email:; website:;
Deta MunicipalityPublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0723686786; fax: 0256390511; email:; website:;
Economic Development Agency of Timis CountyPublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0256494131; fax: 0256494596; email:; website:;
Ghilad MunicipalityPublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0256418221; fax: 0256418221; email:; website:
Central University Library Eugen Todoran TimisoaraCultural institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256490353; fax: 0256494004; email:; website:;
Giulvaz MunicipalityPublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0256416201, fax: 0256416543, email:
Jimbolia City HallPublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0256360770; fax: 0256360784; email:; website:;
Municipality of TimisoaraPublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0256408342; fax: 0256408363; email:; website:;
Peciu Nou Town HallPublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0256414500; fax: 0256414826; email:;
School Inspectorate of Timis CountyPublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 02556305799; fax: 0256490429; email:; website:
The Regional Centre for Continuous Training of the Local Public Administration Timisoara Public authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0256200282; fax: 0256243489; email:; website:;
Timis County CouncilPublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0256406323; fax: 0256406301; email:; website:;
Timis County Council - ADETIM, The Agency for Economic and Social Development of Timis CountyPublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0256494131; fax: 0256494596; email:; website:;
Timis County Police InspectoratePublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0256402004; fax: 0256 490677; email:; website:
Timis County Teaching Corps CentrePublic authorityRomaniaTimistel: 0256490452; fax: 0256490452; email:; website:;
Mountain Banat's Museum ResitaCultural institutionRomaniaCaras-Severintel: 0255231469; fax: 0255226500; email:; website:;
Roman-Catholic Church Municipality of VrsacReligious institutionRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113831846;
Romanian Orthodox Cathedral Church Municipality of VrsacReligious institutionRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113831846;
Serbian Orthodox Church Municipality of VrsacReligious institutionRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113831862; fax: 038113831862; email:;
Episcopate of Severin and StrehaiaReligious institutionRomaniaMehedintitel: 0252333049; fax: 0252333039; email:; website:;
Romanian Catholic Church DetaReligious institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0744645467;
Romanian Orthodox Church DetaReligious institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0744829802;
Romanian Orthodox Church OpatitaReligious institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0723517020;
Mining and Metallurgy Institute BorResearch institutionRepublic of SerbiaBorskitel: 038130454108; fax: 038130435175; email:; website:;
The Tamis Institute PancevoResearch institutionRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113313092; fax: 038113520991; email:; website:;
National R&D Institute for Welding and Material Testing - ISIM TimisoaraResearch institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256491828; fax: 0256492797; email:; website:;
The Center of Culture and Arts of the Timis CountyCultural institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256435158; fax: 0256435566; email:; website:;
Chemical and Medical High School VrsacEducational institutionRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 381647075300; fax: 38113830292; email:; website:
Dositej Obradovic School PlusEducational institutionRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038163680791; fax: 038163680791; email:;
Elementary School MladostEducational institutionRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 38113830721; fax: 38113830721; email:; website:
Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry PancevoChamber of CommerceRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113343475; fax: 038113354056; email:; website:;
Grammar School Borislav Petrov BracaEducational institutionRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113836448; fax: 038113830769; email:; website:;
High Technical School of Professional Studies PozarevacEducational institutionRepublic of SerbiaBranicevskitel: 038112531667; fax: 038112531667; email:; website:;
Preschool Teacher Training College Mihajlo Pavlov VrsacEducational institutionRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113831628; fax: 038113831628; email:;
Technical College of Applied Science in ZrenjaninEducational institutionRepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123565005; fax: 038123565896; email:; website:;
Technical Faculty Mihajlo Pupin ZrenjaninEducational institutionRepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123550515; fax: 038123550520; email:; website:;
Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from TimisoaraEducational institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256494023; fax: 0256200296; email:; website:;
Bartok Bela Theoretical HighschoolEducational institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256493031; fax: 0256493031; email:;;
College Constantin Diaconovic LogaEducational institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256491873; fax: 0256491874; email:; website:;
Eftimie Murgu UniversityEducational institutionRomaniaCaras-Severintel: 0255210227; fax: 0255210230; email:; website:;
Politehnica University of TimisoaraEducational institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256403000; fax: 0256403001; email:; website:
Regional Chamber of Commerce PozarevacChamber of CommerceRepublic of SerbiaBranicevskitel: 038112556800; fax: 038112556801; email:; website:;
Theoretical Grammar School Dositej ObradovicEducational institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256491624; fax: 0256491624; email:;
Theoretical Highschool Mircea Eliade ResitaEducational institutionRomaniaCaras-Severintel: 0255231074; fax: 0255231074; email:;
Theoretical Highschool Traian Vuia ResitaEducational institutionRomaniaCaras-Severintel: 0255254034; fax: 0255211803; email:;
West University of TimisoaraEducational institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256592111; fax: 0256592310; email:; website:;
General Hospital PozarevacHealth institutionRepublic of SerbiaBranicevskitel: 038112550111; fax: 038112550585; email:; website:
General Hospital VrsacHealth institutionRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038163380827; fax: 038113825382; email:; website:;
Health Center ZitisteHealth institutionRepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123822010; fax: 038123822020; email:;
Dr. D. Popescu Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics and GynecologyHealth institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256491707; fax: 0256491751;; website:;
County Emergency Hospital ResitaHealth institutionRomaniaCaras Severintel: 0255227830; fax: 0255218760; email:; website:
Emergency Clinical Municipal Hospital TimisoaraHealth institutionRomaniaTimistel: 0256221553; fax: 0256200046; email:;
Regional Chamber of Economy ZrenjaninChamber of CommerceRepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123535890; fax: 038123562693; email:; website:;
Association for the Development KladovoNGORepublic of SerbiaBorskitel: 0381019803338; fax: 0381019801733; email:;
Judo Club BorNGORepublic of SerbiaBorskitel: 0381432248; fax: 0381432248; email:;
National Council of Valach (Romanian) National MinorityNGORepublic of SerbiaBorskitel: 0381604854900; fax: 038130296689; fax:; website:;
NGO KokoroNGORepublic of SerbiaBorskitel: 038130296760; fax: 0381295761; fax: 038130296760; email:; website:;
Tourist organization of Municipality Majdanpek (TOOM)NGORepublic of SerbiaBorskitel: 030596184, fax: 030596184, email:
Association for Tourism Veliko GradisteNGORepublic of SerbiaBranicevskitel: 038112662276; email:;
NGO Youth of Jazas PozarevacNGORepublic of SerbiaBranicevskitel: 038112222946; fax: 038112222946; email:; website:;
Activity Foundation for human resources and sustainable developmentNGORomaniaCaras Severintel: 0255210532; 0741250670; fax: 0255220607; email:; website:;
Association Rainbow Moldova NouaNGORomaniaCaras Severintel: 0769287141; fax: 0255540155; email:; website:;
Turistic Club Banatia FoundationNGORomaniaCaras Severintel: 0255220052; fax: 0255220052; email:;
Caras-Severin Chamber of Commerce, Industry and AgricultureChamber of CommerceRomaniaCaras Severintel: 0255215829; fax: 0255220114; email:; website:
Ecological Group - NERA Caras-SeverinNGORomaniaCaras-Severintel: 0255572026; fax: 0255572026; email:; website:;
German Democratic Forum of the Caras-Severin CountyNGORomaniaCaras-Severintel: 0255210346; fax: 0255212555; email:; website:;
Semenic Radio AssociationNGORomaniaCaras-Severintel: 0255206055; fax: 0255206055;
Business Incubator ZrenjaninNGORepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123512260; fax: 038123512264; email:;
Educational center of Rural DevelopmentNGORepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123515911; fax: 038123535627; email:; website:;
Federation for school sports and olympic Education ZrenjaninNGORepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123511268; fax: 038123511268; email:;
Public Company Radio ZrenjaninNGORepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123511178; fax: 038123535498; email:; website:;
Regional Agency for Socio economic development - Banat Ltd.NGORepublic of SerbiaCentral Banattel: 038123510567; fax: 038123510567; email:; website:;
Association Pro-MehedintiNGORomaniaMehedintitel: 0252311126, fax: 0252311126, email:
Mehedinti County Judo AssociationNGORomaniaMehedintitel: 0744136580; fax: 0352401757; email:;
Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and AgricultureChamber of CommerceRomaniaTimistel: 0256219173; fax: 0256219173; email:; website:
Mehedinti Tourisim AssociationNGORomaniaMehedintitel: 0352410706; email;
Association of Citizens DugaNGORepublic of SerbiaNorth Banattel: 038124851138; fax: 038124851138; email:; website:;
Center for Information and Development of the Tisza RegionNGORepublic of SerbiaNorth Banattel: 038124873151; fax: 038124873151; email:; website:;
Center for Rural Development Novi KnezevacNGORepublic of SerbiaNorth Banattel: 038123082715; fax: 038123082715; email:;
Centre for Professional Development KikindaNGORepublic of SerbiaNorth Banattel: 0381230404830; fax: 0381230404830; email:; website:;
Civilian Centre CI-FINGORepublic of SerbiaNorth Banattel: 0381641604686; fax: 038124811383; email:; website:
House of youth KikindaNGORepublic of SerbiaNorth Banattel: 038123022544; fax: 038123026240; email:;
Centre of Volunteers and Nature Conservation Movement of PancevoNGORepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113334667; fax: 038113333201; email:; website:
Civic Parliament VrsacNGORepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 0381013836317; fax: 0381013836317; email:; website:;
Enterpreneurs General Association of the Municipality PlandisteNGORepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 0381603055999; fax: 038113862338; email:; website:;
City Museum of VrsacCultural institutionRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113822569; fax: 038113822569; email:; website:;
Hemofarm FoundationNGORepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113830915; fax: 038113830917; email:;;
House of Culter 3 OctoberNGORepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113615114; fax: 038113615114; email:;
Literary Artistic Society TibiscusNGORepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113763262; fax: 038113763262; email:;
Literary Commune VrsacNGORepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 0381013839773; fax: 0381013839773; email:;
Preschool Institute ZrenjaninNGORepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038123510538; fax: 038123561505; email:; website:;
Tenis Club Dinamo PancevoNGORepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 0381647012425; fax: 038113370601; email:; website:;
Tourist Organization of PancevoNGORepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113351366; fax: 038113351365; email:; website:;
Association Banat Ripensis JimboliaNGORomaniaTimistel: 0256302563; fax: 0256302564; email:;
Association Constantin BrancusiNGORomaniaTimistel: 0256403285; fax: 0256403285; email:; website:;
Banat European Union from Romania AssociationNGORomaniaTimistel: 0256247490; fax: 0256244160; email:; website:;
Institute for the protection of cultural monuments PancevoCultural institutionRepublic of SerbiaSouth Banattel: 038113351472; fax: 038113351851; email:;
Bethany Social Services FoundationNGORomaniaTimistel: 0256499431; fax: 0256499431; email:; website:;
Center for Development Serbian - RomanianNGORomaniaTimistel: 0256475397; fax: 0256475397; email:; website:;
Center for Rural AssistanceNGORomaniaTimistel: 0256211470; fax: 0256401185; email:; website:;
Diaspora FoundationNGORomaniaTimistel: 0356446516; fax: 0356446516; email:; website:
Directorate of Public and Private Administration Domain of Caras Severin CountyNGORomaniaTimistel: 0255228864; fax: 0255228863; email:;
Euroland Banat AssociationNGORomaniaTimistel: 0745126876; fax: 0355814386; email:; website:;
Fii Mehedintiului AssociationNGORomaniaTimistel: 0749272199; fax: 0256433127; email:;
Gipsy woman association for our childrenNGORomaniaTimistel: 0256206083; fax: 0745918085; email:; website:;
Intercultural Institute TimisoaraNGORomaniaTimistel: 0256498457; fax: 0256203942; email:; website:
Sport Club No. 1 TimisoaraNGORomaniaTimistel: 0745384686; fax: 0356412825; email:;
National Museum PozarevacCultural institutionRepublic of SerbiaBranicevskitel: 038112223597; fax: 038112223597; email:; website:;
Sports Club TivoliNGORomaniaTimistel: 0722605380; fax: 0245272961; email:; website:;
Tehimpuls Association - The Regional Innovation and Technological Transfer CentreNGORomaniaTimistel: 0356178753; fax: 0356178753; email:; website:;
Ioan Slavici Foundation for Culture and EducationNGORomaniaTimisoaratel: 0256213108; fax: 0256213108; email:; website:;
Mosna MayoraltyPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaBorskitel: 038163686900; fax: 038130500000; email:;
Municipality of KikindaPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaBorskitel: 0381230410157; fax: 0381230410158; email:;
Negotin City HallPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaBorskitel: 038119544000; fax: 038119541386; email:; website:;
Municipality GolubacPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaBranicevskitel: 038112678128; fax: 0398112678103; email:; website:;
Municipality of KladovoPublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaBranicevskitel: 038119808066; fax: 038119801563; email:; website:;
Municipality of Veliko GradistePublic authorityRepublic of SerbiaBranicevskitel: 38112662120; fax: 38112661128; email:; website:
Caras-Severin County CouncilPublic authorityRomaniaCaras Severintel: 0255211420; fax: 0255211422; email:; website:;
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