Directory of Post 2020 dialogues

As the next programming period rapidly approaches, discussions within Interreg, between Interreg practitioners, becomes even more important. It is the means to explore shared understandings and interpretations, a method to fully develop questions, answers and solutions soon to face programmes.

This document details a number of Interact supported communities which enable peer-to-peer exchange within Interreg. These communities are the place to be, to share your insights in the post 2020 period, to ask questions and to find shared solutions.

This Directory sets out some of the key networks discussing specific issues relevant for post 2020. If you would like to know more about the community, or are interesting in learning more, please see Interact’s website for a full list of networks, and reach out to network leaders to find out more.

If you cannot see a specific topic you wish to discuss, or are unsure which network best corresponds to your questions, please contact the nearest corresponding network leader and they will be able to guide you to the appropriate space.


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