30 years of territorial cooperation – press release

In 2020, the #EU marks 30 years of #territorial cooperation both between Member States and between them and countries on the external borders. European territorial cooperation, known at European level as Interreg, is a success story that has transformed the lives of a third of the entire population of the Union. Following the EU’s vision, since 1990, Interreg programmes have embarked on the mission of creating a culture of cooperation that transcends borders, by transforming the challenges and differences between different regions into special opportunities and resources, in order to develop together.#MPWDA is #managing authority #for 6 cross-border cooperation programmes (Romania-Serbia, Romania-Bulgaria, Romania-Hungary, Romania-Ukraine, Romania-Republic of Moldova, Black Sea Basin), through which it manages a total budget of over 787 million euros. The implementation of these programmes contributes to increasing development in the border regions of the participating states and beyond, but especially to improving political-economic and diplomatic relations.


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