Output indicators of the priority axis/ specific objective of the Programme that were not attained after the first call for proposals are rewarded with 10 points

For the assessment of section B.1 from the Technical and Financial evaluation grid, projects must demonstrate a clear contribution to one or more indicators from the following list:

Priority axis 1 – Employment promotion and services for an inclusive growth

PA1.OI2: Cross border cooperation structures supported in the field of labour market.
PA1.OI3: Investment in health care and social services infrastructure.
PA1.OI6: Joint actions targeting smart (green) growth opportunities.

Priority axis 2 – Environmental protection and risk management

PA2.OI2: Participants to project initiatives and events for information and awareness raising.
PA2.OI3: Studies in the field of environmental protection and emergency management (technical and scientific studies, researches in the relevant fields).
PA2.OI5: Monitoring systems established/ extended/ modernized in the eligible area in the field of environmental protection and emergency management.
PA2.COI_3: Population benefiting from flood protection measures.

Priority axis 3 – Sustainable mobility and accessibility

PA3.OI3: Investments in transport and utilities infrastructure, including improvement, enhancement of existing infrastructure.
PA3.OI4: Participants to information/ training/ awareness raising initiatives in the field of transport and public utilities.
PA3.OI5: Joint initiatives on improvements of public transport and intermodal connections).


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