regarding the uploads in e-MS of the documents related to public procurements carried out by the beneficiaries of the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Romania-Serbia Programme

Regarding the documents related to the public procurements above € 20.000 we provide the following information:
– The Programme beneficiaries will upload in the e-MS the scan images of the following documents: invoices and financial-accounting documents related to payments, as well as the list of signed contracts.
– After the partial / full payments related to the contracts signed with the suppliers, the programme beneficiaries will submit, in paper format, to the First Level Control Unit in Romania and Serbia, all the specific documents included in the procurement dossiers: award documentation, offers (bids), evaluation and contract.
– The submission of the public procurement dossiers will be made simultaneously with the submission of the request for the expenditure verification in e-MS.

Regarding the documents related to the public procurements bellow € 20.000 we provide the following clarifications:
– For Single Tender public procurements (under 20,000 Euros), all the documents specific to the implementation of the purchases will be uploaded in e-MS, including the documents related to the public procurement procedure: award documentation, offers (bids), evaluation, contract and the financial-accounting documents related to payments.


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