Project Ideas for the second call for proposals – Interreg-IPA CBC Romania-Serbia Programme

The Interreg – IPA CBC Romania – Serbia Programme has been approved by the European Commission on 6 August 2015 and focuses on the development of the border area through improvement of the accessibility to the labor market and promoting employment, environment protection and tourism.

The Programme has 4 priority axes available to the potential beneficiaries:

Priority Axis 1: Employment promotion and basic services strengthening for an inclusive growth;
Priority Axis 2: Environmental protection and risk management;
Priority Axis 3: Sustainable mobility and accessibility;
Priority Axis 4: Attractiveness for sustainable tourism;

Until now, two calls for proposals have been launched:

  1. Call for proposals No 1, deadline 1 February 2016;
  2. Call for strategic projects proposals, deadline 15 March 2016;

For the remaining financial allocations, a new call for proposals will be launched. In order to prepare the Applicant’s Package for the second call for proposals, the Programme bodies elaborated a Project Idea Fiche, which will offer a more clear perspective on the requirements and projects ideas of the potential beneficiaries. In order to have the best outcome of this process, the Project Idea Fiche has to be filled in by the beneficiaries and also by the potential beneficiaries of the Interreg-IPA CBC Romania-Serbia Programme.

In this regard, we kindly ask you to fill in the attached Project Idea Fiche and to send it to the following e-mail address by 30 June 2017:

For supplementary information, we kindly ask you to contact the Joint Secretariat or Joint Secretariat Antenna in Vrsac.

Joint Technical Secretariat

Regional Office for Cross-border Cooperation Timisoara
Proclamatia de la Timisoara Street, no 5, 1st floor, 300054, Timisoara, ROMANIA
Tel.: +40.356.426.360
Fax: +40.356.426.361

Antenna of the Joint Technical Secretariat

Dimitrija Tucovica, no. 17, 26300, Vrsac, REPUBLIC OF SERBIA
Tel./ Fax: +381.13.834.567


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