Final conference of IPA Cross-border Cooperation Romania-Republic of Serbia Programme

The Joint Technical Secretariat within the BRCT Timişoara, together with the Managing Authority (Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration) from Romania and the National Authority in Serbia (Serbian European Integration Office of Serbia), is organizing the Final Conference of the program IPA CBC Romania – Serbia in Resita, Caras-Severin County on 10 October 2016 starting at 14.00 PM, in the meeting room of the Caras-Severin County Council on the 1st floor, 1st of December Square, 1918, No. 1.

The aim of this conference is to disseminate the results obtained following the implementation of projects financed by IPA CBC Programme Romania-Serbia.

Also, in the lobby of the Caras-Severin will be organized the exhibition “Together we grow!” Where, through photographs, we highlight the impact of projects implemented under the Programme, to ensure the visibility of Romanian-Serbian cross-border copperation and to be inspired by the ideas and achievements so far.

To mark the cross-border nature of the Programme, this event is held also in Serbia on 12 October 2016, in Vrsac in Konkordiya Museum, starting at 11.00 local time.

For further details, please contact us at dani.bardos [@], tel. +40,356,426,360.

Press release and the agenda of the event.


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